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Granite Games | Buttery Bros | It's been awhile!

Oh hey! It’s been awhile since updating this blog. I should probably go in chronilogical order… but I prefer chaos of order, so I am just going to go with it.

It’s been a wild couple of months. We opened May 4th (yes, May the 4th Be with You!) and it went so well! The Gym Starter has gone incredibly well. Grateful/Thankful/Excited are understatements when I think about this little idea called the ‘gym starter’. End of May was Murph, and then a few of us volunteered at THE Granite Games in St. Cloud.

A few of us went down, took the opportunity to not only serve the CrossFit Community, immerse ourselves in the fastest at fitness, but Renelle and I (Kayla) had the opportunity to throwdown with the Buttery Bros. CrossFit’s finest in film, Marsten Sawyers and Heber Cannon.

You really should watch the whole video… all of their videos. Their content is fun, amazingly shot, filled with the latest about all the CrossFit greats, and incredibly edited. Take a look! (21:30 though… You could skip ahead to that ;) )