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Strong Roots 'Gym Starter'

I have avoided finalizing this for probably the last month because fear is a funny thing. But – if I have learned anything in the last few months of becoming a business owner, becoming a person who chases my dreams rather than pours my soul into other’s chasing theirs, I have learned that most of this process is uncomfortable but has been so worth it.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter, it is a type of crowdfunding site that helps businesses and organizations get pledges from interested ‘investors’ to pursue projects. Kickstarter has a focus on creative projects and merchandise, so I used them as inspiration and went out on my own.

In the last few months I have been approached by more people than I thought who are interested in supporting me as I start Strong Roots. I don’t really understand where or why people are supporting me, it’s such a strange feeling, but I consider it a huge blessing and I am in awe and appreciation every single day!

Out of those conversations, ‘gym-starter’ was born! #cheesy , I know 😊 but for the next few weeks I plan to run a little campaign to support my big ideas, dreams and goals that I have for Strong Roots. Below is the breakdown of my pledging tiers.

If you are interested, shoot me an email at kayla.goebel@gmail, or a text at 701.261.1798. I also set up a paypal me account at: - but if you see me around town, check works too!

I am an open book. If you have questions, ideas, or even concerns, reach out to me. I love the conversations that have been born from this process, the growth it has forced me into, and the greater understanding of this community and myself that has happened.

Lastly – thank you.  Your responses, your support, messages, texts, etc have been so encouraging and a gift to me. I cannot thank so many of you enough for your support, but I hope to do right by all the love you have shown me and pay-it-forward through the way I continue to lead my life and lead Strong Roots forward.